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Planning nights out in the Eternal City to see what the Roman nightlife is about?
You cannot miss out on the ace party in Rome,
to discover the best bars, pubs, dance bars and clubs with the greatest atmosphere, music, vibe and people!!

Each night will bring you to a new location and a new adventure, always with one thing in common, the FUN!

Cruise through the Weekly Plan and the Upcoming Events. Reserve your spot online and get ready to party!

When in Rome… it’s always a GOOD time! See you soon 😉

Weekly Plan


Messy Monday

26 August 2019 -

Monday – that’s a reason enough for us to party!

Tipsy Tuesday

27 August 2019 -

Come and join us to discover the wonderful capital city during the night.

Wicked Wednesday

28 August 2019 -

You made it half way through the week, no need to wait for the weekend to party, let’s get started now!

Thirsty Thursday

29 August 2019 -

Thirsty Thursday with biggest Hip Hop Party in Italy!

Loco Friday Summer Edition

30 August 2019 -

Weekend is starting and there’s no stopping us now. Join in for a legendary night!

Sassy Saturday

31 August 2019 -

Saturday night is all about partying and having fun

Upcoming Special Events