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SexybitchDK: I NEED NIL!

Hej everyone!

Can anyone tell me where i can find a pictiure or send me a picture of Nil! :) I had a really good time in Roma and just wanted to show friends the guides! :)


- love DK!

26. 09. 2011

shaznbrooke: to the hosts

jay and don vito aka don juan.. you guys totally made our 20euro worth it ;)

03. 09. 2011


This message is for Vito who is staff at the colosseum team. I want to send you the picture that I took of us together! Please send me an email at

The Canadian with the butterfly shirt...Laura:)

30. 08. 2011

David_Stryfe: Party in August!

I was with other 3 friends from Spain in Roma from 3 to 8 of August, and we was with team Colosseum 3 nights! Simply the best, continue this way guys, you´re the best! Red we miss you hahaha!

10. 08. 2011

becks7777: the best pub crawl in all europe

me and my 6 friends we travel for all europe, and we went to a lot pub crawls and honestly this is the BEST.. the best places, the staff was awesome.. everything was perfect.. thank you guys... and jeff is the best he rocks

09. 08. 2011


one. epic. night. i thought canadians could party, but these guys know how to party. went last night and going back tonight for sure

07. 08. 2011

deleon7: Party

Want a fun night in Rome? Want a great story to tell? Want to drink and dance? Two words, Team Colosseum.

06. 07. 2011

Al: Al, the aussie

What a great night it was, the crew very easy to get along with and been able to meet a person from each country around the world, heaps of aussies which made the party even better. ITS A MUST DO WHEN IN ROME.

29. 05. 2011


I had a amazing night and the 20 euro were worth it!The next time in rome i will definitely do it again!


20. 05. 2011

suisacis: Great

It was a great night with an amazing party. I like to go again.


08. 05. 2011

Goegebeur: My First

Hiii PubCrawl!

I think you will never forget me, It was my first time in rome nightlife.. A very good friend told me this. And it was amazing!

Party that i will never forget! I see you back in June, July Team!

Greetz Isis


28. 04. 2011

Ming: Yooo!

We are from Malaysia and we really had fun that night..

P/S: Could you please send us the photos below to my mailbox,

2011 April 8th: SAM_9294, SAM_9308, SAM_9317, SAM_9361, SAM_9402, SAM_9403, SAM_9411, SAM_9432, SAM_9433,

16. 04. 2011

Filiz54: Great Night!!

we had so much fun and your staff-people are really nice...

I have no criticisim and can only recommend ;-)

it was a great time!! thanks thanks thanks


12. 04. 2011

Surge: Geweldig!!!

Just plain awesome. Had a blast partying in the clubs. Thanks for having a great time people...

09. 04. 2011


Great opportunity to get to know new clubs and new people - we had a blast! Thanks, "animation" guys, you did a very good job and took good care of us girls!

04. 04. 2011


The best events ever! I went there 3 times in a row! and it's still not enough! I cant wait to get back to Roma!! And the crew were awsome! Me and my friend got speciel treatments from the crew especially from Nil!! :D Thanks guys!

- Love from Denmark! :)

26. 03. 2011

Macedo83: Great night

I liked the night of Rome very, the staff it Colosseum Team, had taken me to the certain, full places of pretty and glad people, congratulations! Ah, it would like to know that she is the girl who this in the photo sam_4452, I number 79 of the year of 2011 month of March day 5, if case you sees this msg says something please. .beijooooo

09. 03. 2011

sarasmile714: Snake Hips


I had soooo much fun on this pub crawl back in June. The only thing I regret was not finding Snake Hips on facebook. You know who you are and if by some miracle you see this, find me!!! Tongue out


-Sara Scharnweber (aka: Beanie Girl)

04. 11. 2010


Had a blast, great event for tourist, and like my boy GMag2206 said, YALL NEED A RAISE! HAHA got to kick with everyone that works there at pub crawl and yall are awesome, thanks for the good times! and we're definitely come'n back here in 2 months!

21. 09. 2010

Scheydegger: Colosseum Pub Crowl Rocks

I had the best time ever in Rome!!! These guys are amazing. The open bar shots, beer, wine, whisky, pizza, games, pizza... It should be your guide for free booze. I will be back soon after spent 3 nights in a roll with Patricio, Tak... Wowwww 

15. 09. 2010

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